Homesteading in July

Sometimes, homesteading takes over and the shop sits quiet for a month or so.  We’ve been mowing, raking and hauling hay, timbering and sheathing an addition on the house, and haunting the local swimming holes, lakes and ponds.  The garden is a part of most days, either as a chore or a reward, often both.

My Waterfall Mirror, pictured below, will appear in a show in the Card Room at the Vermont State House from August 15 through October 26.  Stop by The People’s House and see a collection of finely crafted pieces from members of the Guild of Vermont Furnituremakers.

From the deck of our addition, we look out on our kingdom and feel that we’ve been set down purposefully in this time and place.  The work is ceaseless, the rewards boundless.  The cool shop awaits.


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