Something I Can Hold On To

Blacksmith Erik Nequist  asked me this summer to turn handles for his hand-crafted garden tools.  After consulting on the design and a few prototypes, he asked for thirty for his first run of tools.  Some are shown below.    I like how the wood and metal compliment each other, both visually and texturally.  That texture is something not found in mass produced pieces.


For this small production run I was happy to be involved.  There is just enough variety in the finished shapes to keep it interesting for me.  After turning ten or so, I was able to turn one in about five or six minutes.   I then had to fit it into its socket with a pencil sharpener sort of tool I made special for the purpose.  Lastly, I oiled the hickory with boiled linseed oil.

This photo is from a small show he did this past weekend in Brattleboro.  On December 6 he will have a display at my studio and demonstrate his blacksmithing.  I am hosting a small Hand-Craft Fair that day from 10 -4.  I will have turned bowls and plates and other small pieces.  My neighbors Chad Mathrani, house-wright and Mike Weitzner, chip carver, will also be on hand demonstrating their crafts.

More information  to come.

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