Welcome to the woodshop!

Jason and Erica Breen live on a mountainside in rural Vermont, surrounded by forests, fields, and hardy neighbors. At the top of a steep driveway, the woodshop and showroom welcome visitors at any time of year.  Come visit us!  Please call to set up a convenient time:  (802)257-9993





Warm, wood-filled, with shavings on the floor and handtools lining the walls, the shop is the birthplace of desks, chests, tables, chairs and beds destined to honor a new house, a new spouse, a grandchild or the worshipspace of a congregation.


Bowls that will serve as wedding gifts are turned daily on the lathe. Guests at Open Studio Weekends admire the setting, the raw lumber cut from surrounding forests, the tools, and Jason’s process demonstrations as much as the finished pieces in the showroom.



Surrounded by the rural Vermont landscape, Jason makes furniture every day in the studio. Handsaws, handplanes, and handheld scrapers set the rhythm. Natural oil finishes set the tone for the finished pieces. Welcome to the scenery and the pace of a handmade life.